The day after…

And, and isn’t it funny how we are capable of forgetting so soon?

For better or for worse, intentionally or unintentionally, we forget. To charge the phone, to cut nails, to take the pills, to text someone back, to lock the door before sleeping… none of which is funny, because in one way or another, it bothers us. Ridiculously, sometimes we become capable enough to even forget someone is no more, and that too, too soon. It ain’t funny, but downright lamentable.

That person just becomes a memory without whom we thought the whole world couldn’t survive a day. Whom we thought was the main screw of the mechanism, around whom we thought the whole world revolved, and taking it out would cause the collapse of everything… but it doesn’t, it didn’t. So many great personalities, without whom we thought the world would stop working, pass away, and the world moves on, a little disoriented, but surviving.

The deplorable thing about all this is, not only we forget, but the world does, as well. Or in other words, it doesn’t tend to take note of such a minuscule activity. Just the day after, the pale sky brightens up as the sun rises, shedding its golden warmth over everyone, as if it could remove the coldness within, left by the events of the previous evening.

It is almost scary – the whole idea of the way the world operates and it almost, for a moment, turns your head into a whirlpool. The world was working before you, working while you are there, and will work the same way after you are gone. The idea of perishing like a fading horse is scary but almost inevitable and the world doesn’t care. It forgets, it forgets, it forgets, as do we.


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