A synthetic compliment greased with bogus sparkle washes a face momentarily with a faux expression of pleasure only to be replaced with scornful ones when the gaze turns away. An improvised gesture making you realize you are cared for, unable to dissect the layers of sham it is wrapped around. Some characters stringed together to make a fabricated hallucination, taken for echt advice.

One word to define it all – fake; a mere word – an adjective to be precise.

Looking around carefully, one might see it crouching in a nook or being at a flashing display, mostly unable to be recognized. Fake degrees, fake jewelry, fake sympathies, fake expressions, fake friends, fake promises – the list goes on but that is not where it starts. It generates in something as primary as the metabolism of a human.

A china doll with a gullible smile and shining blue eyes is what one might think is fake. Not at all. Fake is made of bones covered with flesh and is an in-built talking machine. A label no one feels proud to carry with them, in fact no one wants it to exist in their proximity but when it is their own story to tell, nothing but fake is to be attained.

What would one see, if you were asked to take off that mask you are wearing? Would you be the same person if you were to show your real face? Questions very few of us would dare to answer, even though we all know fake is what breaks us, but ironically, that is exactly what makes us.


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