Speeding on the highways

We must have heard this great saying a lot more times than we can decipher, “You only realize the value of something when you lose it.”

I only came to realize it recently, and trust me it hurts!

Disappointments are always uncalled for, and never pleasant. The biggest disappointment is when you’re trying to find something but its whole existence is vanished from the planet Earth! Be it losing something as mediocre as your favorite lip-color or something more serious like an old friend, both hurt all the same. And while neither of them proved to be a way to make me realize what that quote meant, it was something as annoying as losing access to the data on my laptop.

I never really treated it well – downloading from all kinds of unreliable sources, inserted any and every flash drives in it which was bound to affect the interior, but the exterior wasn’t in any better condition. It has rested in the dark corners under my bed and the beneath the heavy loads of my books on my bedside table. I never realized what it actually meant to me, using it when I needed it or simply had nothing else to do and then throwing it away till next time. Only when I couldn’t access my precious files that this cursed machine held due to the virus that had infected it, I came to realize its value.

It might seem silly but I suddenly couldn’t help remembering all the things lost as the years have passed. I never tried looking back at them but something as simple as this made me do so. I couldn’t help not looking back at all the things and all the people used by me when I needed them the most, and then they disappeared like ripples in water. I never tried chasing them, never tried reaching out… because I thought it was the end of their chapter in my life. But now, now I realize it is never the end. The story goes on just like a vehicle speeding down the highway. It may occasionally pause somewhere but then rushes to another destination.

Nevertheless, it’s never too late to realize. I know I can’t go back in time, and change what damage has been caused or attach the strings that were left loose back then and eventually lost. But one can try to make the best of what they have right now – try to find joy in the ordinary. Don’t deny the simple pleasures of life and live the best of it!


3 thoughts on “Speeding on the highways

  1. Had much fun reading this girl!:D First I thought it’s going to be a serious write this time but then I thought nope it’s funny and before I knew it, it taught me a lesson :)! Also struggled a bit in searching the meaning of the title and there it was at the end! Loved the comparision! (Y)


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