Summer was gone like a game of football.

It was something each of us anxiously waited for – hours, days, even weeks spent to plan how we would utilize it. We didn’t care what the weather would be like, we didn’t care how many mosquitoes would bite us, we didn’t care for the sticky heat or the sweats that wouldn’t fail to break on our foreheads every two minutes. We were ready to all of that to get rid of the busy and chaotic life, to get some peace of mind, to be free to wake up mid-noon and not care, to be free to cuddle in the afternoons and read a good book, to be free to be away from home for any number of days we wanted and not care at all. As it approached nearer and nearer, the excitement only grew and after much anticipation it had finally arrived – summer was finally here.
It started like a game of football, we settled, got our systems working to it, warmed up and got used to it. We wandered around like a player on the field right at the beginning trying to create an early chance but not working too hard. Time slowly passed and before we knew it half of the first month was already gone. Things started to heat up, we realized that we need to put our hands on the list of goals we had created for ourselves.
But too bad, the opposition held us from our goals, just like the opposing team keeps you from scoring. In our case, it was sleep, laziness and procrastination.
Eventually half-time approached and as the second half started, it struck us that it was now or never. Trying to tackle our opponents, we made as much effort as we could to attain our goals set for the summer, to finish our reading lists, to have gotten sleep worth a year, to have made memories we would recall the whole year.
Within no time and busy struggling, the end of summer approached – short of breath and heaving like a bull, we ran, ran like our life depended on it, trying to check as much tasks as we could, and whether or not they were done, summer was so done.
It passed with the blink of an eye, with the beat of the crowd’s gong, before we realized, the 90 days were gone like 90 minutes. Summer was gone like a game of football.
Too bad we didn’t equalize our goals with the list we had made, and hence gained no extra time.
Whether we won or lost, we knew the match was over but the game wasn’t over yet. As much as we didn’t want to go back to school, we had to, but there was always something to look forward to – next summer, another game of football!


One thought on “Summer was gone like a game of football.

  1. It was awesome pal! How you compared the football game and the summer life and yeh ‘the opponents’ really were laziness and sleep, seriously it’s remarkable how we just delayed many plans each day :D! Really enjoyed it, Ha ha…….


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