19 Today

Heard from the society,
Always remember,
Age is just a number,
Don’t let it affect thee,

A birthday,
Too exquisite,
Yet pragmatic,
Abundance of another’s,

Another brick in the wall climbed,
Another mile on the road crossed,
Another step on the pavement taken,
Another year gone,

With a lot lost,
But apparently,
And with all costs,
Nothing gained.

Resisting to post,
“Pfft..19th today!”
Realizing life needs,
A lot less drama.

A bunch of fake wishes,
Only a few genuine,
19th cake cut,
And many candles blown,

The only achievement seems,
Since birth,
The 19th round finished,
Around Earth!

How could age be just a number?
It’s a sign,
Telling you to move forward,
Leaving everything behind.


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