The Gaza Syndrome

Civilizations, cultures, kingdoms, people, they all change over time. One thing that does not however is the greed within the hearts of men. Everyone wants something. Riches, pleasure and most of all power beyond imagination and to achieve them they can cross any limits, mostly not thinking of the consequences, too hungry and ardent for their needs.
One thing should be clear. Anyone who kills an innocent person is not a good guy and should be fought for a very good reason. Because killing innocents for no reason at all is pure injustice and the doers of such acts do not deserve sympathy. If you were to ask a real Muslim this question, they would say the same. Anyone who kills children or women or simply innocent people just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time is not a Muslim, or even a human for that matter. Real Muslims do not believe in blowing up their own selves in hope to be rewarded a place at Heaven; these are only stereotypes that are tied to the Muslim nation by the media of the west.
One simple thing: Muslims are not terrorists. Just because some people who claim to be ‘Muslims’ are terrorists doesn’t mean that the immense preponderance is, as well. Those who indulge in such acts are not Muslims but the sufferers of the lunatic syndrome.
From another perspective, yet a very relevant one, we see the so-called wars of today. War between soldier and soldier is acceptable because no matter what, the hunger of power and to conquer the most is in the human nature. But the ‘war’ where a soldier blows off an innocent citizen’s head is not just. That is not war my dear that is plain murder.
This does not mean that we hate the state whose military is actually doing it, for most of the time their own citizens of the said country don’t even know what their soldiers are actually doing, being given the illusions that they are defending their countries. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they are only making your country into an even stronger beast by killing and terrorizing innocents out in the world.
Times have changed and so have the ways in which things occur. There were times when wars included swords and cavalries and horses, at that time at least the opponents got a fair chance at defending themselves and above all no innocents were harmed. What happens now? A military personnel hits a keyboard button sitting in a safe zone and just with that mere hit, kills dozens of people who don’t get more than a couple of seconds to decipher what is happening.
And when asked, they would say, “We are only following orders.”
Well honey, does that ring a bell? Because that is exactly what the Nazis said. Hitler is still condemned for that one holocaust, what about the Israelis doing the exact same everyday in Gaza?
Everyone despises war but at the same time fail to understand that war is not the only solution to these conflicts. Things can be settled down with peace and trust me that is what more than half of the citizens of either side want.


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