The blistering wind taking you by surprise every time you don’t have shelter. The random ear-pops as the altitude rises. Narrow roads yet refreshing sights. Miniature huts scattered through the gigantic folds of mountains. The inimitable beauty of it all leaving you bedazzled. Landmarks. Hill stations. You have heard those names. You have heard their … Continue reading In-between


A compliment so satisfying

I had a very unsettling thought cross my mind today, while I struggled to breathe in and out through my mouth, as my blocked nose refused to compromise. Having the taste of parchment in my throat, my head spun upon the realization. Many – scratch that – all of us girls, must have had at … Continue reading A compliment so satisfying


Distinctions occur among every trait of humans, to such an extent that at times it is hard to trace out a personality. It would never do to generalize those traits even if they sound extremely similar. Each person just has their own way of enacting them. But while these differences make it so hard to … Continue reading Ruthless


A synthetic compliment greased with bogus sparkle washes a face momentarily with a faux expression of pleasure only to be replaced with scornful ones when the gaze turns away. An improvised gesture making you realize you are cared for, unable to dissect the layers of sham it is wrapped around. Some characters stringed together to … Continue reading Fake