All I could remember before I saw you was being engulfed in dark. It wasn’t pitch black, but dark enough not to see properly, like the evening sky where the sun has just hidden behind the horizon. I wandered aimlessly, trying to find a meaningful way. I was an amalgam of broken dreams, home to … Continue reading Chandelier


A Friend, A Foe

I had skipped some meals, and the snacks I was having weren’t too satisfying. I wasn’t happy with the way my nails looked. The research I was doing wasn’t going well. A rejection letter was sitting in my email, which I was too afraid to open. My phone constantly dinged with notifications I didn’t want … Continue reading A Friend, A Foe


The blistering wind taking you by surprise every time you don’t have shelter. The random ear-pops as the altitude rises. Narrow roads yet refreshing sights. Miniature huts scattered through the gigantic folds of mountains. The inimitable beauty of it all leaving you bedazzled. Landmarks. Hill stations. You have heard those names. You have heard their … Continue reading In-between


Distinctions occur among every trait of humans, to such an extent that at times it is hard to trace out a personality. It would never do to generalize those traits even if they sound extremely similar. Each person just has their own way of enacting them. But while these differences make it so hard to … Continue reading Ruthless